5 litre mini cask
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Inclined Plane 5 litre mini cask – OUT OF STOCK

Inclined Plane Tasting Notes

A refreshing amber-coloured bitter with a light floral finish.  The late addition of the Amarillo hop instils a distinct citrus flavour.  First brewed in 2004, this multi-award-winning beer is named after the canal boat lift operating in the 1900s at the Foxton Locks in Leicestershire.


Available sizes

5 litre mini cask

The following sizes are also available please call 01858 540116 or email to check availability:

12 x 500ml bottles
10 litre/18 pints bag in box
20 litre/35 pints bag in box
72 pint barrel


Collect from Brewery (10am - 2.30pm Wed - Fri)

We recommend you collect your bag in boxes, gift packs and casks direct from the brewery to ensure the quality of your beer is not compromised during transit.  Bright beer (ready to drink) in boxes will require 48 hours  notice and are subject to availability.  For bright beer in barrels we will require five days notice.

Barrels come with all the equipment required to readily pour yourself the perfect pint.

In a hurry for the bottles? Select click and collect on your  order and they will be ready for you the next working day depending on stock and season.

Shelf life and storage

How you keep your beer can make a difference to how much you’ll enjoy it.  To be at its best fresh beer should be stored in a cool environment somewhere around 8-12 degrees, a garage is ideal.  Keep your beer in the fridge, regardless of the style and then remove the beer half an hour before you’ll enjoy it so it can reach the 8-12 degree sweet spot.

If you’d like your beer at fridge temperature please be aware that a harmless ‘chill haze’ may develop, the haze will not affect the flavour of the beer but may reduce its clarity. It’s also best to keep your beer out of direct sunlight.


These products contain filtered beer so they have a much longer shelf life than draft beer. We put a year on the label from when it is bottled, however the rule still stands – fresh is best, so don’t let it hang around too long.

Bag in Boxes

These products contain fresh beer and have a short shelf life compared to bottled beer. The beer is best within 6 days of purchase, drunk as fresh as possible and within 1-2 days of opening.

72 pint barrels

These products contain fresh beer and should be used once opened. Unopened the beer will be good for 6 days. Once opened, especially if some beer has been enjoyed, moving the barrel with beer inside will result in it becoming flat, therefore we recommend 72 barrels only for parties/events where it will get finished.