3 bottle Gift Pack
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3 Bottle Gift Pack

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The perfect gift for beer drinkers.  Our compact three bottle gift pack is an ideal way to say Thank You, Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Fathers/Mothers Day or even play Secret Santa.

Whatever you want to say we can supply you with three bottles of Langton Brewery Beer as a gift for the discerning beer drinker in your life.

Available sizes

3 x 500ml bottles

Collect from Brewery (10am - 2.30pm Wed - Fri)

Gift packs are only available to collect from the brewery as they come already packaged and are not suitable for transit.


Shelf life and storage

How you keep your beer can make a difference to how much you’ll enjoy it.  To be at its best fresh beer should be stored in a cool environment somewhere around 8-12 degrees, a garage is ideal.  Keep your beer in the fridge, regardless of the style and then remove the beer half an hour before you’ll enjoy it so it can reach the 8-12 degree sweet spot.

If you’d like your beer at fridge temperature please be aware that a harmless ‘chill haze’ may develop, the haze will not affect the flavour of the beer but may reduce its clarity. It’s also best to keep your beer out of direct sunlight.

Bottles contain filtered beer so they have a much longer shelf life than draft beer. We put a year on the label from when it is bottled, however the rule still stands – fresh is best, so don’t let it hang around too long.