Table beerLight pale aleKernelNelson Sauvin2.8%
Rainbow BridgeGolden aleLangtonCitra, Mosaic, Brewers Gold3.8%
Lemon & Thyme SaisonSaisonPartizan 3.8%
CaudleTraditional English aleLangtonFuggles3.9%
FP XPAExtra Pale aleFive PointsCitra, Galaxy4.0%
FP BestBest bitterFive PointsFuggles4.1%
Inclined PlaneAmber aleLangtonAmarillo, Northdown, Cascade4.2%
Thomas LiftPremium bitterLangtonGoldings, Bramling Cross, Northern Brewer4.4%
Pale AlePartizanPartizanEquanot, Mosaic4.5%
BullseyeStoutLangtonBramling Cross, Goldings4.8%
Festival LagerFestival lagerLangtonSaaz, Northern Brewer5.0%
JabberWest Coast IPALangtonNelson Sauvin, Simcoe, Chinook5.0%
FellowshipPorterRedemption 5.1%
Bière de SaisonSaisonKernelPacifica5.3%
Big ChiefIPARedemption 5.5%
Inclined Plane ReserveBest bitterLangtonAmarillo, Northdown, Cascade6.2%
Indian Pale AleIPAPartizanVary6.5%
Grand UnionCoffee milk stoutLangtonColumbus7.4%

We were proud to be supporting Wishes 4 Kids at Langtoberfest 21!

Wishes 4 Kids is a small Leicestershire based charity who grants wishes for children of 18 years and below who are life limited, suffered life changing emotional and physical abuse or terminally ill.